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Maui's Premiere Restoration Company.

Water Damage Restoration
Rainstorms, sewer back-ups, broken pipes and plumbing malfunctions are just some of the water related emergencies that can strike at any time day or night. Quick response to such events is crucial. Practical experience along with the use of proper instrumentation to identify affected areas and a complete inventory of drying equipment is essential to performing proper water mitigation.

With our 24-hour emergency service, certified technicians can be on site to evaluate the situation and bring the environment under control. The reduction of humidity and control of temperature levels help prevent secondary damage such as swelling, splitting, delamination, absorption or fungal growth. Maui Fire & Flood is equipped with large truck-mount extractors, pumps and portable extraction equipment.

Upon arrival at the site, the extent of the damage is immediately assessed using a thermal infrared camera, a variety of meters, coupled with a visual inspection. Information we gather helps us devise a comprehensive drying plan. With the proper balance of dehumidification, air movement, and temperature manipulation, moisture is forced from the wet structure and contents. The job site environment is monitored and readings are documented daily. Successful completion is verified through a variety of moisture detecting instruments and a visual inspection. These procedures allow Maui Fire & Flood to thoroughly, quickly and efficiently dry all affected areas.

Sewage and Flood Damage: Raw sewage and floodwaters contain bacteria and other microorganisms that are extremely hazardous to human health. These can be transmitted by touching contaminated items or by tracking them into uncontaminated areas on shoes. Children, the elderly and pets are especially vulnerable. Absorbent materials such as carpeting and drywall may not be restorable after direct contact with sewage-contaminated or category 3 flood-contaminated water.

Mold Remediation & Prevention
Mold is recognized by the EPA as one of the leading indoor air quality contaminants. Because of this, everything relative to a mold remediation project must be approached with the utmost concern and comprehensiveness. Whenever dealing with mold, the concern shifts from the property being worked on to the health and safety of the individuals who occupy the property. In essence, a mold project is more about human life than property.

Our technicians are very proficient at building a containment barrier to keep mold from spreading to unaffected areas of the property. The affected area is then placed under negative pressure as an added layer of protection. This keeps mold from traveling outside of the containment barrier. In addition, our technicians are outfitted with the latest in personal protective equipment from Tyvek® coveralls to positive-air purifying respirators-they stay safe.

Only when all of these safety measures are in place does actual remediation take place. Mold remediation consists of removing drywall, base moulding or any other porous building material that might support growth. Subsequently, the area is cleaned using HEPA filtered vacuums and wet wiped using low lint towels saturated with an anti-microbial solution. Lastly, upon request, an anti-microbial encapsulant, or paint, can be applied to retard future growth. This process can ensure that mold remediation will be done completely and remove the associated health risks with it.

Moisture Inspection
If you have suffered a water intrusion event, the use of infrared radiation (IR) has become a mandatory step in the drying process. The first rule of water damage restoration is to determine what is wet and how saturated it has become. Without the use of IR technology, determining what is wet is a tedious guessing game. The use of IR has revolutionized the technician's ability to identify saturated materials. Now, a trained technician can assess an entire structure quickly, reliably, and without causing any further damage to a structure. It is only by using IR that a technician can reliably cover all possible wet areas.

Thermal imaging cameras detect the heat differential between saturated building materials and dry building materials and render an image. Utilizing this image, our technicians find and document water intrusion. Because wet drywall may appear dry to the naked eye, finding the full extent of the water intrusion with meters alone is very difficult, if not impossible. Our thermal imaging cameras allow us to do our work more effectively. Just as important, comparing sequential image readings allows us to document the water loss. The documentation we provide to insurance adjusters reveals the true extent of your damage. This documentation can only be done with a thermal imaging camera. Infrared detection is an excellent way to locate suspicious areas, which can then be checked with a moisture meter.

Maui Fire & Flood offers several levels of moisture inspection incorporating IR technology as part of restoration service:

  • Stand-alone IR walk-through inspections for the homeowner or contractor to isolate what is wet.
  • A post inspection walk-through or report to prove the drying was done sufficiently.
  • Printed IR reports to submit to insurance companies or contractors.

Odor Removal
All odors can be removed. For any odor control method to work you must first find and eliminate the source of the odor. Using a masking agent just perpetuates the need for a masking agent. Our solutions involve an odor counteractant which neutralizes the odor.

Fire Smoke: Smoke steaming internally from a house fire or from an exterior fire source where smoke penetrated your living structure are the hardest to remedy. Smoke odors penetrate the structure and related contents. Removal techniques include: hot and wet fogging to the smoke-damaged areas, the use of ozone generators, VAPORTEK® air scrubbers, and HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) air filtration. We use only EPA approved products.

Cigarette / Cigar Smoke: Cigarette and cigar smoke damage is influenced greatly by the quantity and the duration of exposure. In the best case, the smoke will have only penetrated every porous surface in your house. By using the proper equipment, we can successfully remove odor from the porous services without much disruption using our specialized equipment as an airborne counteractant. If smoke exposure is significant, a thin layer of tar may have formed on other surfaces. The tar has become the source of the odor and must be removed before any airborne counteractant will be successful. The removal of tar residue requires a complete wipe-down of surfaces and cleaning of carpets with the proper agents. Only then can we be sure that the airborne counteractants will be successful in neutralizing the odor.

Urine: Urine doesn't go away when it dries up. In stead, it stays present in crystallized form. The odor can return anytime those crystals get moist. Those crystals commonly are found lying deep within the pad of a carpet where a normal 'carpet-cleaning' won't get them out. Permanently removing urine odor requires that the proper products be used in a specific protocol. Proper cleaning with specialized carpet odor counteractants may also be required.

Feces, Putrefied/Decaying Matter: To remove this type of odor you must first remove the source of the odor. Often, even after the source is gone you'll usually be left with a strong odor. For a while the odor may be masked by cleaning agents but will probably remain once the masking agent has dissipated. If the source has been properly eradicated, Maui Fire & Flood will successfully remove the remaining odor with our specialized equipment.

Musty Smells, Mold, Mildew: Once again, the source of the odor must be removed. Generally, with this type of smell the source is excessive moisture. Maui Fire & Flood can help you detect where that excess moisture is coming from and offer solutions to remedy the situation. This is in no way a do-it-yourself job. The equipment to identify, properly gauge, and cure excess moisture is very specialized. There is also the possibility that a mold issue that may be made worse if not handled by a certified professional.

Structural Drying
Water damage to building materials can create huge health risks. That's why our team holds more training in structural drying than any other on the island. Through a series of thermal imaging scans, penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meter readings we will establish a dry standard for your property. That dry standard will be used as a gauge to determine when it is safe for us to remove our equipment and deem the structure as dry. To accomplish this we have some highly specialized equipment specifically designed to dry those hard to reach places. All of this is done in the interest of health and safety.

Contents Restoration
Whether cleaned on-site or packed-out and cleaned later in a controlled environment, skilled Maui Fire & Flood technicians are able to clean, sanitize, and deodorize most household contents that appear at first to be unrecoverable. Through the use of the latest in cleaning technology, precious keepsakes may be kept rather than lost forever.

Trained professionals keep record of contents, using the latest inventory software systems, while documenting any damage for future evaluation. Once items are packed out and moved to secure facilities for storage and restoration, customers can be confident that Maui Fire & Flood DKI will protect their personal property until it is time for it to be returned.
Contents services include:
  • Pack out and Moving Services
  • Cleaning and Decontaminating of Contents
  • Fine Art and Antique Restoration
  • Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair
  • Inventory of Salvageable and Non-Salvageable Contents

Reconstruction Services
Maui Fire & Flood provides reliable structure restoration services. Our expert craftsmen are renowned as the best in the industry. Maui Fire & Flood technicians are respectful of clients' properties while minimizing inconvenience to our clients or their property's occupants during the restoration process.

After the fire is put out, the water is extracted, the structure dried, the odor removed, the mold remediated, and the contents cleaned, there is often still the issue of returning the physical structure back to pre-loss condition.

Whether restoring a section of hotel rooms so that they can once again be occupied by the traveling public or repairing a home so that a family can settle back into their daily routine, Maui Fire & Flood is the answer.

Maui Fire & Flood construction services include smoke, fire and water damage reconstruction, structural damage assessment, repair versus replacement assessment, building and property demolition, and complete debris removal.

Maui Fire & Flood works with clients during the entire reconstruction process to return damaged properties back to pre-loss condition quickly, cost effectively, and efficiently. With just one call you will have the industry's most knowledgeable reconstruction contractors at your service.

Licence: #BC-31303

Equipment Rental
Flood Rentals Hawaii by: Maui Fire & Flood Supply has a complete inventory for all your rental needs. Click here to visit them online.

Fire & Soot Damage Restoration
Fire, soot and smoke by-products usually travel to all areas of a building when a fire catastrophe occurs. Even small fires can cause severe damage. Smoke odors penetrate the structure and its contents. Visible soot and invisible odor are an immediate concern for home and business occupants. Unless these contaminants are quickly and effectively cleaned, costly secondary damage may occur. Our state-of-the-art cleaning processes and equipment, coupled with our specially trained technicians and certified restorers ensure such damage does not occur. Structure cleaning, smoke and soot damage restoration, air scrubbers, thermal fog deodorization, and ozone gas deodorization. Content restoration for your valued items can occur onsite at your location, or we can pack, clean and store your contents at our site in our controlled and secure storage space. Either way, clients are assured of the most thorough cleaning possible.

Hardwood Floor Drying
Hardwood floors can be one of the hardest elements of any drying project or simply the project itself. Hardwood is dense in nature. In addition, most hardwood floors are built upon multiple layers of sub-flooring. Both of these factors make hardwood floor drying very difficult.

Fortunately we have highly specialized equipment specifically designed to dry hardwood floors. Using both positive and negative pressure drying techniques we are able to get air moving beneath the floor and dry it from the unfinished side. Under most circumstances we can reduce or eliminate the "cupping" most hardwood floors experience when they have gotten wet.